The Youth Council of Romania (YCR)

We represent the young people from Romania at the national and international level!


The purpose of YCR

The purpose of the Youth Council of Romania is to act for the defense and the promotion of the rights of the Romanian young people in the country and above, as well as in order to increase their active participation in the life of the communities they belong to. The YCR supports and sustains the common interests of his members at the local, regional, national, European and international level.

In its 13 years of activity, the YCR has assumed the mission to ensure the presence of a strong voice of young people at the institutional and public level in the process of developing public policies that target young people and which can have a significant impact on young people, including in the fields that target occupation, education, health, civic and political participation and volunteering.

In this regard, the YCR represents the main non-governmental partner on youth issues in relation to central authorities and public institutions empowered in the field of youth policies.

Currently, the YCR brings together 22 federative structures, with a network over 400 youth organizations, being the only structure in Romania affiliated to the European Youth Forum and the World Assembly of Youth.


Also, the YCR is represented in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe.

So, in order to achieve the assumed objectives, the YCR intends to carry out the following main activities, mainly addressed to young people:

  • lobby and advocacy activities for the rights and the interests of young people;
  • organizing conferences, symposiums, congresses, round tables, seminars etc. on various fields of interest for young people;
  • conducting specific studies and research;
  • organizing information and awareness campaigns;
  • organizing training courses and professional development in different fields of activity and levels of preparation;
  • providing advice and guidance in the field of academic and professional training;
  • providing expert services, consulting, formation and training for individuals, non-governmental organizations or other interested legal persons;
  • elaborating and editing courses, manuals, scientific publications, information and training materials, magazines, albums, brochures etc.;
  • recruitment, training and placement of qualified personnel, especially young people, for interested legal persons from the country and abroad;
  • establishment and administration of information and advisory points;
  • setting up and managing entrepreneurial development centers;
  • establishment and administration of training centers and competence assessment centers.


Internal organization

  1. The General Assembly
  2. The Permanent Bureau
  3. The Board of Directors
  4. The Control and Arbitration Commission
  5. The Commission of Censors

Affiliates and national collaborations

The Alliance for a Clean Romania

We are working within the Alliance for a Clean Romania, a civic movement that addresses the large public and has an extensive network of persons and organizations, NGOs, trade unions, companies, institutions that promote the principles of good governance.

Advisory Council for Youth Issues MYS

We are actively participating in the Advisory Council for Youth Problems, that represents the platform for debates and consultations through which the Ministry of Youth and Sports communicates and receive reactions from the associative youth environment regarding problems and opportunities in initiating and optimizing public policies in the youth field.

The National Working Group (NWG)

At the national level, the EU Dialogue Process with young people is coordinated by the National Working Group. It is a body made up of representatives of non-governmental organizations and authorities and is established by the Ministry of Youth and Sport (MYS), based on an open call for applications.