Join the YCR!

Within the YCR there are the next types of non-governmental structures for youth members:

a) national non-governmental youth organizations abbreviated to NGOTN, that have subsidiaries or affiliated youth non-governmental organizations, as the case may be, as follows:

  • in at least 20% of the counties, in the case of youth;
  • in at least 20% of the officially recognized university centers, in the case of a student;
  • in at least 5 (five) counties, in the case of those belonging to officially recognized national minorities.

b) youth non-governmental organizations, subsidiaries of international youth non-governmental organizations or affiliated with them, shortened NGOTI

*if there are several subsidiaries of the same international organization, membership can be granted to all those interested, following that they appoint, by specific or permanent mandate, a single representative within the General Assembly of the YCR, respectively to divide a single contribution and a single vote.

c) county foundations for youth and Bucharest municipality, shortened CFY, at least one in each development region.

The categories of members of YCR are as follows:

  1. members with restricted rights generically referred to as “candidate members”;
  2. members with full rights, generically referred to as “associate members”.

The YCR representation map is available here.

The process of joining the YCR takes place in 2 steps:

1. It is sent to the e-mail address a Secretariatului of the General Secretariat of YCR: (scanned versions) and to the address of the YCR headquarters (Phoenicia Business Center, Turturelelor 11A Street, 1st floor, Sector 3, 7A office):

  • a signed and stamped accession application, in original;
  • the application is sent together with all the specific documents according to the type of NGOY.

The documents prove the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria provided in the Organization and Functioning Regulations, which consists of certified copies “according to the original” after the following:

  • The court order establishing, in definitive and irrevocable form;
  • Certificate of registration of the legal person without patrimonial purpose;
  • The statute and the constitutive act, as the case may be, as well as the amendments made to them;
  • The internal regulation of organization and functioning, with the subsequent modifications and completions, in the authentic form or certified by the lawyer, in the case of the county youth foundations;
  • The court orders, remained definitive and irrevocable, which allowed modifications of the statute and the constitutive act, as the case may be;
  • The court orders establishing the subsidiaries, respectively the affiliated structures, remained definitive and irrevocable, in the case of the associations or the court orders establishing the non-governmental organizations represented at the General Assembly, in the case of county youth foundations;
  • The supporting documents regarding the affiliation of the member structures to the applicant of NGOY, as the case may be, in the case of federations;
  • The tax registration certificate of the NGOY;
  • The proof of depositing the NGOY balance sheet for the previous due financial year;
  • The supporting documents regarding the carrying out of youth activities, own or in partnership, in the minimum amount provided in the Statute;
  • Statement on your own responsibility regarding the total number of individuals and the number of individuals between 14 and 35 years old;
  • Nominal table with the persons with the international management structures of NGOY;
  • The official proof regarding the affiliation of the NGOY to international non-governmental youth organizations (the NGOTI case) or a statement on its own responsibility regarding the affiliation of the NGOTN to other youth structures of national or international level;

2. The Control and Arbitration Board checks to see if the documents are in order. 

  • If they comply with the requirements, the Permanent Bureau will first adopt an accession decision as a candidate member, after which the General Assembly will delegate a Study Visit Commission;
  • The Study Visit Committee will actually go to the candidate organization to verify the activities;
  • A report will be drawn up and after that report, the right to vote may also be received.

For more details, send an e-mail to