Protection of Personal Data

The Federation of the Youth Council of Romania is committed to protecting and respecting the personal data of each member, beneficiary and partner of ours, making sure that they always know what we have, how we process them and what rights we have on them.

Data collection

The main situations in which the YCR collects personal data are:

  • registration forms for YCR projects or activities or in partnership with the YCR;
  • registration forms for the voluntary activity within the YCR;
  • employment within the YCR;
  • contact details for newsletters/invitations/news/notifications;
  • photos taken at YCR projects or activities or in partnership with the YCR;

The main personal details requested are the name, the given name, the age, the e-mail address, the telephone number. In the case of requesting other personal data, the reason for the request is justified.

Getting the data

The YCR processes the data directly obtained from the persons concerned and exclusively by its agreement. The YCR does not take/buy/sell data from/to third parties. The data is collected on the basis of: the agreement expressed by you, the accomplishment of the federation’s mission, legal or contractual obligations.

Data storage

For data storage, we use the following services: Google Apps / Drive, Typeform and 123FormBuilder. The data storage is done strictly for the purpose of which we received the collection agreement, and the access to them is only offered to the persons who have direct tasks in achieving that purpose.

Following the consumption of the object (eg. closing the event for which the data was collected), the access to them is restricted by a password, still having access only the legal representative of the federation, if there is no desire of the person concerned to remove the data from the system.

The data can also be stored in physical format in the case of legally regulated situations (settlements, contracts, etc.).

Your rights

  • Request modification, porting or deletion of the data provided.
  • Request information on personal data held by the YCR.

The YCR is obligated

  • To comply with the GDPR policy of the European Union, using exclusively data collection / storage / processing services that comply with European law;
  • Not to use the data provided for purposes other than those expressed in the collection;
  • Not to provide / buy/ sell personal data from / to third parties;
  • To make the requested changes as soon as possible after the request.