On International Humanitarian Day, we stand in solidarity with vulnerable people in Afghanistan!


A country that has been subjugated by decades of war, poverty, hunger and violence, Afghanistan is reliving its dark history of 20 years ago under Taliban rule. Although they have publicly stated that the forced takeover of the country will not involve overt discrimination and curtailment of women’s rights, we are concerned at the indications of a return to the unimaginable abuses of the past.

Since 2008, the UN has celebrated International Humanitarian Assistance Day on 19 August. The international community cannot remain indifferent to the potential atrocities that may be committed in Afghanistan.

The Youth Council of Romania, the National Alliance of Student Organisations of Romania and the National Students’ Council call for ensuring the conditions to leave Afghan territory for those who wish to do so and for their international protection.

We believe that the Romanian Government must pay more attention to the current events in Afghanistan, in order to support not only the return of the Romanians remaining in this territory, but also the Afghan citizens who wish to reach an area that maintains their safety.

We also call on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education to provide schooling and a number of budgeted places for young people, especially girls and young women from Afghanistan, who are brutally deprived of a universal human right, the right to education.