Meeting of the Advisory Council on Youth Issues

  • Post published:22 May 2020
  • Post Category:News

On Wednesday, May 20, 2020, we were present at a new meeting of the Advisory Council on Youth Issues, organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS).

The topics of discussion were about:

  1. Information from MYS on the steps taken on the topics addressed at the previous meeting of the Advisory Council on Youth Issues;
  2. The current context of Law 146/2002 on the legal regime of the county foundations for youth and of the municipality of Bucharest and of the National Foundation for Youth;
  3. Digitization of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in relation to youth organizations (opportunity to develop a youth platform and a database of NGOs);
  4.  Miscellaneous.

Our main positions were:

  • MYS took note of our proposal to create a funding line to support NGO and youth initiatives in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.Young people are a real example for Romanian society through exemplary mobilization in this unfavorable social context and we believe that the Romanian state must intervene in support of their initiatives;
  • We continued to support the withdrawal of the regulation proposed by MYS in its current form, which regulates the legal regime of youth foundations, amending Law 146/2002 and creating a working group to contribute to a form agreed by all parties involved and concerned by this topic. We have been consistent in this endeavor since March 13, 2020, when we requested the withdrawal of this project and the creation of a framework for debate, as, moreover, took place at the ACYI meeting, which is why we appreciate the speed shown by MYS on managing this topic. We believe that such issues can only be resolved through dialogue and involvement from all parties. You can find the complete position at this link: 
  • We are glad that MYS has embraced our vision of digitizing the ministry’s work, starting with the creation of an online platform for submitting files in project competitions. We are following this topic closely.

Soon we will publish the extended positions on the mentioned topics.